Hobie Cat Beach Hopping

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Today we rented a 14-foot Hobie Wave in Cinnamon Bay. Sailed to Maho and beached the cat for a lunch break, then sailed back to Cinnamon. Great start to 2016!

Cinnamon Bay St John

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Had this whole beach to ourselves. Not allowed to land the dinghy so we swam from the mooring!

St John by Dinghy

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Our ride for the day. M/V Number Three. Simple but fun! We got caught out in a minor squall, but apart from that, enjoyed exploring St John’s north shore by dinghy.

2015 San Francisco Fleet Week Airshow

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The day after arriving from Santa Barbara, Michelle picked me up from the boat. On the drive home, I told her about all the work I had done to take the boat out of “cruise mode”: cleaning, removing food, stowing gear, etc.

She asked: “So, will the boat be ready to go out again on Saturday?”

“Yeah, why?”

“It’s Fleet Week.”

We decided to watch the airshow from Aegea. We invited our friends Jake and Holly and their sons. 12-year-old Luke is very knowledgable about planes, so we knew it’d be a treat for him—and us!

Luke took these photos—and 414 more. Thanks Luke for letting us use your photos!

(I guess Luke did not take the photo of himself. Photographer unknown.)

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I just re-discovered this great old photo of my late great-uncle Sandy Bur. Circa 1991 while he and my great-aunt Sharon were live-aboard cruisers.

I can’t be certain, but their boat sure looks like a Hallberg-Rassy. That windshield and those companionway shelves are very H-R.

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I went to Madison for some meetings at the University. This gave me an opportunity to stop at Paul’s, a used book store that fueled many curiosities while I was in school.

I was looking for a copy of Sterling Hayden’s “Wanderer.” The shopkeeper pointed me toward this section: “Nautical Sea Faring.” How magical!

I sent this photo to Michelle and she asked, “Have you read them all yet?”

“Not yet.”

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We arrived in Sausalito at 3:30am Tuesday after a fast 44-hour passage. (We averaged more than six knots!)

Our old Westerbeke diesel did great, running for a total of 39 hours during the passage with no complaints.

Our journey was uneventful until we reached the Golden Gate. Lights and vessels bombarded our senses. A particular spot of darkness confused us, too, as the Mile Rock light was out. One inbound ship and two outbound made the Gate feel very narrow. But we successfully navigated the traffic with no close calls.

After a quiet trip up the Sausalito channel, we tied up Aegea in her new slip at Clipper Yacht Harbor.

Thanks again to Braden Kowitz who was fantastic as both crew and company.

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We finally left Santa Barbara on Sunday morning. Now motorsailing up the Big Sur coast.

We left in a remarkable weather window: south winds, rain, calms, reverse currents. We rounded Point Conception sailing downwind, in 12 knots of breeze, against 10-foot swells.

We are making excellent time north and hoping to reach the Golden Gate late tonight.

What's that I see? Could it be? Yes, the forecast calls for southerly winds on Sunday. I hope to be well underway so we can take advantage of the breeze on our ride up the coast.

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Our boat is a kelp magnet. Currently "kelped in" at our slip in Santa Barbara.

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