We flew the Packers flag all day in Isthmus Cove. Now we're watching the game at the Harbor Reef Saloon.

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Jennifer, Michelle, and Chris check out Cat Harbor.

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The morning after our arrival at Catalina, we made a big brunch of BLTs with egg.

While we were eating, a little girl paddled by with her dad. He said, “look at those people, don’t they look like they’re having fun?”

She responded immediately: “NO!”

Brunch was delicious all the same.

Siblings came up from LA and posed for a photo with Aegea.

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Provisioning at the Santa Barbara Farmers Market. See @zeratskymj for photo of one of the stands.

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I was surprised to see this guy anchored outside the Santa Barbara breakwater when I woke up.

At lunch, a pair of lady tourists approached a local couple to ask directions. The locals asked: “Any chance you’re from that cruise ship?”

The tourist responded: “Absolutely no chance!”

She had an English accent. “Well, I’m sorry, but it’s kind of a personal question!!”

Santa Cruz Island


During Labor Day weekend, we sailed out to Santa Cruz Island (part of Channel Islands National Park) and spent two nights anchored in Prisoners Harbor. Big swells made the sailing exciting and the sleeping interesting. On Sunday, we took the dinghy to shore and went for a hike.

This cruise included a few “firsts”:

  • Setting both bow and stern anchors, to keep the boat pointed into the swells
  • Using our new grill, on which we cooked dinner both nights
  • Seeing our anchors on the bottom, from the boat, through 25 feet of very clear water

On Monday morning we motorsailed back to Santa Barbara. We spent the afternoon together, enjoying town before Michelle left for a few more days of work in San Francisco.

— JZ

Sailing to Santa Cruz Island from Santa Barbara. This gentle 3-4 foot swell built into 6-8 feet and made for a wet ride. Classic Southern California conditions.

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After 3 days anchored off Santa Cruz Island, we returned to a very hot Santa Barbara. Decided to hit the beach.

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The people you meet

Last Friday, after we arrived in Santa Barbara, after we hosted an impromptu cocktail hour with Nick’s friends Paul and Ginger, after we had dinner at the yacht club, after we stumbled upon a high-school football game and watched the dramatic 4th quarter — after all that, we were walking back to the boat when a tall jovial guy came alongside and said hello.

He was drunk, but he was a happy drunk. Our new friend told us that he was crewing on a large powerboat heading north to San Francisco. They had come from Catalina, and on the crossing they caught some tuna. But they couldn’t eat it all and would we like some?

We walked back to his boat and met the rest of the crew.

In addition to tall jovial guy, they had a grumpy gentleman with curly gray hair. He razzed us for our yacht club attire. “If you’re sailors, where are your shorts? Sailors should be wearing shorts.”

There was a short guy with a ponytail. He talked a lot, and very quickly, mostly about food. “Hellyeah, give these guys some tuna. Been marinating since we caught it. Yeah, awesome.”

Finally, we met the boat’s owner. He was tall, lean, tan, and appropriately grave for the leader of an imminent ocean passage. (They planned to depart at 4am so as to round Point Conception near dawn.)

“Where are you taking the boat?” I asked.

“Up the Delta, near Stockton.”

“No kidding.”

I told him that Aegea has spent some time in the Delta; that we love going to Tinsley Island and exploring the area on our runabout. In fact, Aegea had been in the Delta earlier this summer. We spent nearly every weekend in May and June on Tinsley.

The owner went on: “I just bought a marina in Delta. I’m going to keep my boat there.”

“You bought a marina?”


You never know who you’ll meet.

— JZ